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Practice Medicine, Not Billing

FairMedCare is a new Service that will help you bypass the middle man in medicine: Health Insurance Companies. Get paid quickly without any billing, paperwork or need for a billing service…. There will be no denials and no need for staff to do billing, verification, referrals or authorizations. You can document as much or little as you feel appropriate. You will get paid electronically, at Medicare rates, fast.

Our online Service connects patients and Doctors, bypassing the insurance middle man. When you register with our Service, we will link patients with you directly. Their HSA, HRA, Flex plan or personal credit card or bank account will be linked to our Site for direct payment to you. Here’s how it works:

  1. The patient registers with our Service for free.
  2. When they decide that they want to see a doctor, they will go on the Site. They will have multiple doctors in the area to choose from including you.
  3. After they decide who they want to see, they will make an appointment on the site that will be communicated to your office for scheduling.
  4. When the patient arrives at your office for the visit, the patient will approve the payment and you will be paid electronically through our Site. If there are additional procedures or charges that you do while the patient is in the office, the charge will go to their phone and they will simply have to approve the extra charge and again you will be paid electronically.

You do your medical care, the patient leaves, and you are done. If the patient needs to see a specialist, get labs, further testing or get medications, they pay for these either through the Site again or on their own.

No billing, no verification, no coding, just fast, electronic payment.

Patients want to know that they are getting a fair rate for medical services. They do not want to shop around or compare prices. So all doctors in our network will be paid the same amount for the same services. Very close to 100% of the Medicare allowable. The patient is sure the cost is fair and consistent, and they get to choose their doctor. The doctor gets more patients, gets paid fast without any hassle and dramatically reduces administrative work associated with insurance.

Patients may submit the electronic receipt they receive to their insurance company to go toward their deductible, but the doctor will not be doing this.

The Service will charge a % fee for all transactions. If you do not get any patients through our Site, there is no charge.

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